Important Information for Former Customers

On 26 June 2020, TD N.V., formerly known as TD Bank N.V., announced it was closing its bank that operates out of the Netherlands. Any remaining Savings Accounts were closed on 25 August 2020 and outstanding funds were required to be claimed by 30 September 2020.

Between 15 May 2020 and 25 August 2020, TD N.V. attempted to contact former customers that held funds with TD N.V. to inform them of the closure and to return their funds.

On 30 October 2020, TD N.V. transferred all unclaimed customer funds to the Consignment Fund (consignatiekas) maintained by the Dutch Ministry of Finance (Ministerie van Financiën).

Please note the TD N.V. Customer Portal is no longer available.

Consignment Fund Information

If you are a former customer who did not claim your funds before 30 September 2020, you can request payment of unclaimed funds directly from the Consignment Fund by following the request for payment procedure and the standardized Request Form from the leaflet below.

Consignment Fund Information Leaflet and Claim Form

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If you held an active Savings Account with TD N.V., your Savings Account was closed on 25 August 2020. You had until 30 September 2020 to retrieve any outstanding funds, after which TD N.V. sent all unclaimed funds to the Consignment Fund maintained by the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands.

On 30 October 2020, TD N.V. sent all unclaimed funds to the Consignment Fund maintained by the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands. If your balance was transferred to the Consignment Fund, you will have to submit a claim directly to the Ministry of Finance to retrieve your unclaimed balance.

More information about the Consignment Fund and the request for payment procedure, along with the standardized Request Form are available in the section above.

TD N.V. has closed its retail operations. For any help or questions on retrieving your unclaimed funds, please contact that Consignment Fund directly through the procedure as referred to in the section above. For any questions regarding your personal data, please refer to the Privacy Notice found below.

TD N.V. is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data. The TD N.V. Privacy Notice remains in effect with respect to all former customers. If you have questions about your personal data, please refer to the Privacy Notice. The Privacy Notice can be found below.

Consignment Fund

To submit a claim, you must follow the payment procedure and use the standardized Request Form that is provided in the Consignment Fund Information Leaflet above. The completed Request Form and additional documents should be sent directly to the Consignment Fund by email or through the post.

Yes, if you are representing a former customer of TD N.V., you will need to include the power of attorney and valid ID for both you and the former customer along with the Request Form.

You have until 30 October 2040 to submit a request for payment. After this date, any remaining unclaimed funds will accrue to the Dutch State by operation of law.

Yes, but only for balances that are greater than or equal to EUR 45.38.

Yes, but this will take more time and additional costs will apply.

The Consignment Fund will ask you to provide a corrected request for payment and/or the missing information. The Consignment Fund will only pay if the claim is correct and complete. Until the Consignment Fund has received the requested additional information, the claim will be put on hold. Any correspondence between the Consignment Fund and you will take place via email in the English or Dutch language.

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