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Whether you're looking for a mobile trading app or want access to intuitive trading platforms and advanced tools, we have a solution to meet your investing needs. Find out which is right for you. 


  • Start investing with no minimums on this easy-to-use mobile app in both Canadian and U.S. currency.

    • Invest in: Stocks, TD Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
    • Pricing: Your first 50 stock trades each year are commission free. Unlimited commission-free TD ETFs. No monthly fees or account minimums.
  • Feature-rich trading platforms include analytical tools, Canadian and US accounts, alerts, and more.
    • Invest in: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Bonds, GICs, ADRs
    • Pricing: $9.99 flat rate

Which one is right for you?

Explore the different types of trading platforms, investment products, pricing, investing accounts, and education and research available to you when you choose either TD Easy Trade or TD Direct Investing.

TD Easy Trade

TD Direct Investing

Investment products

  • Stocks
  • TD ETFs
  • ADRs offered in the main North American exchanges1
  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • ADRs
  • Exchange-Traded Notes
  • Mutual Funds
  • Options
  • Fixed income securities (e.g. bonds, debentures)
  • GICs
  • Money Market funds
  • Securities on all Canadian and American exchanges
  • Physical assets
  • Certified securities
  • Private securities1
  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop Market
  • Stop Limit
  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop Market
  • Stop Limit
  • Stop
  • Trailing Stops (by price and %)
  • Trailing Stop Limit

TD Easy Trade

TD Direct Investing

Account types

Account ownership


Individual, Joint, Corporate.


Canadian and U.S.

Canadian and U.S.

Open an account links

By phone

TD Easy Trade

TD Direct Investing


  • TD Easy Trade – select individual stocks and TD ETFs with this easy to use mobile trading app.
  • WebBroker - build a diversified portfolio of stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), options, bonds and more in both Canadian and U.S. markets.
  • TD app - monitor your portfolio performance, stay on top of market events, learn, and trade on the go.
  • Advanced Dashboard - leverage real-time streaming market data, analytical tools, and advanced trading capabilities.

TD Easy Trade

TD Direct Investing

Account fee

  • $25 per quarter
  • Fees may be waived if your account or accounts you are householded with meet any one of the following qualifications:
  • Maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 (cash and assets) in your account.
  • Register any of your accounts in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or set up a pre-authorized deposit.
  • Complete at least three commissionable trades in the previous quarter from any of your accounts.
  • You are in the introductory six months of the first account opened within your household.

See pricing for full details

Flat fee online commission rates

  • $0 for your first 50 stock trades each year
  • $0 for TD ETFs
  • $9.99 per online trade up to 150 trades per quarter1
  • $7.00 flat fee based on 150+ trades per quarter on Canadian and & U.S. stocks.
  • $1.25 per contract for Canadian and U.S. options

Telephone brokerage commissions

  • We've got your trading needs covered in the mobile app, no trades over the phone.
  • Flat fee

View rates

TD Easy Trade

TD Direct Investing

Goal Planning

Set, plan, and monitor your goals. Find investments that align with your plans.

Set, plan, and monitor your goals.


In app videos to help you learn about all aspects of being a self-directed investor (investing)

Innovative tools, education, personalized support, and inspiration for investors to take control of their financial future.


  • Real time market data
  • Simplified market research tools
  • Real time market data
  • Streaming quotes
  • Advanced market research tools based on platform


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